Small Martial Arts Gifts Any Fighter Would Love

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Top Small Presents For Martial Artists

When the holiday season comes, it also comes the endless search for the perfect gift to give to your favorite martial artist.

Whether it’s someone you love or a stranger, we’re here to help!

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the best small martial arts gifts that you can give and some tips to come up with more ideas on your own.

Let’s help you find that perfect gift!

Top 5 Small Martial Arts Gifts Under $20

5) The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

The Art Of War - Small Martial Arts Present

The Art Of War is probably one of the best books out there to read on the subject of martial arts, offering ancient Chinese philosophy and tactics that are still valid to today’s ways of fighting.

This book has been influential in modern military history, with many reprints and translations including it. This is an excellent book on war strategy, tactics, and political warfare. You can see the prices on Amazon.

4) A Cool Bruce Lee T-Shirt

Bruce Lee is one of the most recognizable faces in martial arts, and he started his career in the United States. He was a master at Jeet Kune Do, or Way of the Intercepting Fist.

He also appeared in many martial arts films, including ‘Enter the Dragon.’

3) Samurai Sword Necklace

A Samurai Sword Necklace is a trendy small martial arts gift, especially for those who love Japanese samurai culture. Several martial artists love the Bushido, the honor code of the samurai.

The sword would be a great reminder of its principles as it has engraved the symbols for integrity, respect, courage, honor, compassion, honesty, sincerity, loyalty, and duty. You can browse for prices at Etsy.

2) Nice Handwraps

Handwraps are an essential piece of gear for any striking martial artist, and they come in many different styles and designs. This item is popular with Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and Muay Thai (or kickboxing) practitioners.

They help protect the hands while punching by keeping all the smaller joints in the hand lock in a safe position.

1) A Martial Arts Training Journal

The martial arts training journal is an excellent choice for a small martial arts gift for those who enjoy a more scientific approach to their martial arts training. It is a flexible journal that has designed pages.

Practitioners can keep a log of their progress, techniques, and lessons learned.

How To Find The Right Small Martial Arts Gift

When shopping for a small martial arts gift, there’s nothing worse than buying a gift and having the recipient hate it because either:

  • You didn’t know what they liked.
  • They didn’t like it.

Here are some ideas to consider to buy the perfect small gift for your favorite martial artist.

Functional Gifts vs. Accessories

You can divide your small martial art gifts into two categories. Either you get them something they can use as part of their daily training or something extra that expresses their personality as martial artists.

No present type is more important than the other. It comes down to your preference. In my experience, you can never go wrong with a functional small martial arts gift, which means that it must benefit the trainee somehow.

Something they will use daily is always better than something that they will only use once in a while.

A good rule of thumb could be those accessories, like a Japanese sword necklace or ring, might work best for someone closer to you, while more functional small gifts, like BJJ or Judo tape, hand wraps, and training journals, might work for both someone you love and a stranger.

Keep Your Budget Low

The offer of martial arts gifts is extensive. to make things easier, keep your budget low when shopping for small martial arts gifts. $10-$30 is the recommended range when shopping for martial arts gifts.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t spend more if you know the person well. A more expensive alternative for a smaller gift might be tutorials. Good martial arts instructional videos go for around $60-$100+.

Learn About The Combat Sports They Practice

Learning a little about the sport is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a small martial arts gift. If you know their combat sports, you will understand what might be suitable for that person.

The more you know about the martial art they practice, the more insight you can gather to find the right small martial arts gift.

For example, a BJJ practitioner has no hand warps because there are no punches involved in their training. If you don’t know much about their sport, buy them something that will help them maintain that knowledge, like a journal.

Learn more about the most popular martial arts

Final Ideas About The Best Small Martial Arts Gifts

Small martial arts gifts don’t have to be expensive. A small book or accessory is a great choice that won’t break the bank.

The small martial arts gifts on this list would make a perfect gift for any martial artist you love or like, and regardless of the level of functionality of the present, they would appreciate the gesture.

You can also use the references above to help you find the perfect small martial arts gift.

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