7 Hottest UFC Ring Girls

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Most UFC fans will tell you that they watch the fights just to see the intense battle between two mixed martial arts’ superstars, but that’s not always true.

The UFC ring girls are always a nice addition to the action and add a welcome reprieve from all of the ongoing action.

Who are the hottest UFC ring girls in history?

UFC has had hundreds of ring girls at their promotions over the years, with some staying on the scene longer than others.

Some of the most famous ring girls in UFC history include Holly Madison, Arianny Celeste, Chrissy Blair, and Amber Nichole-Miller, but in reality, there are too many to name.

If you’re like most, you probably sit up and pay attention when the octagon girls arrive, and if you love nothing more than admiring a thing of beauty, you’ll love this list. We’ve got the ultimate list of the hottest UFC ring girls in history and some happy reading for you to enjoy.

The Hottest UFC Ring Girls In History

Our list of the hottest UFC ring girls is by no means complete and only scratches the surface, but with so many beauties taking the stage over the years, it’s hard to compile just one.

Check out our selections for the best looking and most memorable girls to pose as UFC octagon girls in the past.

Arianny Celeste


Arguably the most popular, and hottest, of all the Octagon girls, everybody gets excited when Arianny Celeste makes her way through the ring.

Arianny has the record for most wins of the UFC Ring Girl of the Year and considering she’s only been with UFC since 2006, that’s pretty impressive. 

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Holly Madison


Most people knew Holly Madison from her time as a Playboy model and Hugh Hefner’s longtime girlfriend, and that helped get her into the coveted position of a ring girl for UFC.

Although Holly only presented for UFC1 00, nobody will ever forget her appearance and the way she wore that red bikini like it was built just for her body.

Chrissy Blair


The blonde and leggy Florida beauty Chrissy Blair will always be known as one of the hottest ring girls, with some proudly claiming her as queen.

Chrissy worked with Strikeforce before joining UFC in 2013 and has a range of sexy photoshoots to share with the world, including her memorable Sports Illustrated and Maxim spreads.

Amber Nichole-Miller


Although Amber Nichole-Miller dated Tito Ortiz, that’s not what she’s most famous for. Taking her claim as one of the hottest UFC girls, Amber is arguable the most beautiful ring girl out there.

If you want to see more of her, you don’t have to look far, as her social media channels will give appreciators of the female form everything they’re hoping for.

Brittney Palmer


Brittney has a look that everyone goes for, and the petite brunette has become a UFC legend in her own right. The model has been awarded Ringcard Girl of the Year twice now, but she’s much more famous than those accolades.

Easily one of the hottest girls to ever grace the octagon, there’s no way she wouldn’t make our list, and if you want to see more of her there’s plenty to enjoy at Playboy, Maxim, and FHM.

Summer Daniels


The fiery long-haired blonde has worked with both Bellator and UFC in the past and always made everyone sit up and pay attention when she came on the scene.

Although Summer no longer works the cage, she’s found a successful career as a singer and writer, but we’ll never forget her presence as one of the sexiest Octagon girls the sport has ever seen.

Logan Stanton


Logan will go down in history as one of the first ring girls that had her very own following outside of the sport, and fans couldn’t wait for her to come out during weigh-ins and in between rounds.

Unfortunately, Logan no longer works as an Octagon girl, but everyone remembers the brunette bombshell fondly as one of the greatest, and one of the pioneering beauties in the world of MMA.

Related Questions

Ring girls are arguably one of the best things about watching an MMA match, and although they’re commonplace in many combat sports, they don’t come any hotter than the UFC.

If you’ve always wondered more about their purpose, we’ve answered some questions about UFC ring girls that can help you out.

What is the Point of a Ring Girl?

A ring girl is part of a boxing match and her job is to let the crowd know which round is upcoming by holding up a sign or card with a number on it, and sometimes to be present during weigh-ins.

The role of ring girl was first introduced in boxing in the 1960s and the tradition has continued today in all forms of combat sports.

How Much Do Boxing Ring Girls Make?

The salary of a boxing ring girl will depend on the promotion she’s working for, as the bigger bouts tend to attract more prominent models that are paid more

On average, you can expect to earn around between $200 and $8,000 per fight they work, but this can vary dramatically depending on their level of fame.

How to Become a UFC Ring Girl?

Most professional-level ring girls are scouted by modeling and talent agencies, so it can be a hard role to get into.

Sometimes, magazines like Maxim offer competitions that allow women to enter for a chance to be a ring girl at a UFC fight, but usually it’s reserved for those with modeling and acting careers already established.

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