Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good?

The Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai gloves are an affordable option growing in popularity. But are they any good? 

When it comes to Muay Thai gloves, I had terrible experiences with cheap gloves. They lost shape quickly, the leather started to peel off fast, and my wrist wasn’t as protected as I would like. 

So, going super cheap on Thai boxing gloves is not something I recommend if you train several times a week.

But why should you care about having cheap gloves anyway? 

Beyond the general quality issues I pointed out above, if you are serious about your Muay Thai, you’ll purchase new gloves every few months.

Most importantly, you could get injured if the padding isn’t top-quality.

Furthermore, if you’re sparring using gloves with inadequate padding, you could cause more damage than intended to your training partners.

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Crafting quality gloves requires investment, regardless of the brand. This is why I’m always suspicious of Muay Thai gloves from lesser-known brands. Until more people test them, there’s no way to know if they are genuinely committed to delivering a quality experience at a discount.

Unfortunately, many online stores are filled with cheap gloves that make bold claims about their durability and hand protection but fail to deliver. This is why it’s crucial to prioritize quality above everything.

It’s tempting to settle for budget gloves in the hopes of saving money. However, as I’ve found through personal experience, investing in quality gloves is worth it in the long run.

I wanted to test for myself if the Warlord Muay Thai gloves are as good as they claim to be. 

In my Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai gloves review, I tested them to find out:

During my testing period, I extensively used the Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai gloves for a range of activities, such as rigorous Muay Thai and boxing sparring sessions, as well as day-to-day heavy bag training. This allowed me to evaluate their performance and compare them against other options available in the market.

After careful consideration and testing, I have compiled my thoughts. I encourage you to read until the end.

Are Warlord MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Good?

Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 1Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 2

The Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves are overall a good alternative. The gloves are surprisingly well-made, have solid stitching, and are comfortable.

They also have good wrist protection and enough flex for wrist flexion. They offer a good balance between protection and flexibility when it’s time to work on the clinch.

The carrying bag is a nice touch, but to be honest, I never use it. They fit perfectly in my gym bag with my BJJ gi and shin guards. The gloves come with a built-in hook and loop closure which is the way to go for most people, in my opinion, for everyday use Thai boxing gloves.

The foam is on the thinner side, but it is somewhat similar to some Everlast gloves I used before. I wouldn’t say the foam is a safety risk. The gloves are comfortable and safe enough.

It is worth mentioning that at the time of this writing, they added a large discount to their price . At first, they were too expensive for synthetic leather Muay Thai gloves. Paying $50 or more for fake leather gloves from an unknown brand doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m glad that they listened to the market and adjusted their pricing a bit. At a lower price point, these gloves are totally worth it. If you’re ready to get a pair of Warlord Muay Thai gloves, you can check them out here.

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Warlord MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Key Data

Made out of ‎Duratec Leather (synthetic)
Shaped shell
Triple-density foam and top protection
Reinforced double stitching
Hook and Loop Velcro enclosure
Handmade in Pakistan
They weigh around 900 grams (16oz version)

Warlord Muay Thai Gloves Pros And Cons


  • Strong stitching.
  • Good wrist protection and flexion for bag work and clinching.
  • Comfortable fit and easy to close.
  • Some extra padding around the pinky metacarpal bone for added protection (not common even in more expensive gloves).
  • Comes with a carrying bag.
  • Good for bag work.


  • The price point may be high for some people as the gloves are made of synthetic leather.
  • Unknown brand.

Warlord Muay Thai Gloves Pricing Vs. Quality

Warlord Muay Thai Gloves Review

Warlord Muay Thai gloves are reasonably priced. This affordability can be attributed the company’s choice of using synthetic leather.

For their price, they perform reasonably well so far. However, they don’t match the quality of high-end gloves like the Hayabusa T3, which can cost around $150 or more.

It’s important to note that if you visit the Muay Thai gym often (at least 4 times a week) and want long-term durability and top-notch design, you will need to spend significantly more than $30 to $50 for your gloves in the long run.

For perspective, professional boxing gloves at the top-tier level can cost anywhere from $200 to $300.

If you’re a novice, I recommend opting for entry-level Muay Thai gloves from smaller brands such as Warlord. Once you get better, you can browse around for fancier gloves.

But, the real question is – are the Warlord Muay Thai gloves worth your money?

Should You Buy A Pair Of Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves?

Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 3Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 4

You should buy a pair of Warlord Muay Thai Gloves if:

You are a starting with Thai boxing — If you’re just starting out in boxing or Muay Thai, the Warlord Muay Thai gloves will be more than enough to start your training journey. The gloves offer more protection than you would expect at their price point.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your gear yet Warlord Muay Thai gloves are affordable and durable with normal use. They’ll last you enough to get get better before upgrading to a more premium pair.

If you want more options — If you’re looking for versatility in your training gear, the Warlord Muay Thai Gloves are a great option. These gloves perform well for both Muay Thai and boxing, so you don’t have to limit yourself to one style of training. If you already own a more expensive pair of gloves, it’s worth keeping the Warlord gloves in your rotation. They can serve as great backup pair.

You should not buy a pair of Warlord Muay Thai Gloves if:

You are an experienced Muay Thai Practicioner — I really enjoyed testing them. However, I’m at the point of my training where I like to invest in my gear. I rather buy a pair of twins special or Fairtex gloves.

Warlord Muay Thai Gloves High-End Alternatives

Fairtex BGV1

Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 5Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 6

The most famous Fairtex product.

  • Great padding distribution for Thai boxing.
  • Allow great mobility in the clinch.
  • Strong backside protection on each glove.

Hayabusa T3

Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 7Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 8

The best protection and highest comfort.

  • Wrist protection of the highest level.
  • Less suitable for clinch fighting.
  • A bit pricey for some people.

While Warlord Muay Thai gloves offer unique protection that is not common at this price range, there are other alternatives that may better suit your needs.

If you’re looking for higher-end gloves that are more durable while still offering excellent protection, the Hayabusa T3 gloves are a great option. These gloves offer excellent durability and are slightly lighter than Warlord Muay Thai gloves at 16oz.

When hitting the bag or sparring even a few grams less can make a big difference, specially with 16oz gloves in your last few rounds.

Another great alternative is the Fairtex BGV1 gloves, which offer excellent quality, durability, and protection for their price. I’ve tried many training gloves, and I often recommend these to others.

For those looking for boxing gloves that are closer in style to Warlord Muay Thai gloves but offer enhanced protection and durability, the Ringside Apex Gel Boxing Gloves are an excellent choice at a slightly higher price.

Warlord Muay Thai Gloves Testing Methodology

I tested the Warlord Muay Thai Gloves for three weeks. The gloves were tested for durability, comfort, and safety. 

I tested them in various training scenarios to find out: The pros, cons, and usability of the Warlord gloves over an extended period. 

During that time, my training was mostly physical theraphy, so I used them for Muay Thai pad training and heavy bag boxing classes twice a week.

Many gloves are available online, but I only review the ones that trigger my curiosity here at MMAWhisperer. I must say I like the quality of the gloves a lot. 

I will update my review as I use them more.

Warlord Muay Thai Gloves Final Verdict

Warlord Muay Thai gloves are a versatile option that can suit a variety of training scenarios and practitioners. Recently, the gloves have become even more affordable, with prices as low as $50 or less.

During standard training sessions, I find these gloves to be quite comfortable to use. Despite their low cost, they offer a reasonable amount of protection. However, I would not recommend using them for heavy Muay Thai training or sparring. For those activities, it may be worth investing in a more premium pair of gloves.

In summary, the Warlord Muay Thai gloves offer good value for their price and are suitable for many types of training. They are comfortable to use and provide decent protection, but may not be the best choice for heavy training or sparring.

Warlord Kanabo MTG-1 Muay Thai Gloves Review: Are They Good? 9

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