Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ?

Can you choke with the belt in BJJ? The answer to that question is technically yes, you can. However, the belt used as assistance in a choke is not something often practiced or taught in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The belt can be used as a choke in BJJ, but it needs to be attached to you. You can’t take your belt off; put it around someone’s neck and choke them to submission. However, other techniques would work better than the belt.

Getting the tap while you have the belt around your waist is a tricky thing to do. Most newbies—or even veterans—can’t pull this up.

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Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ? 1Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ? 2


Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ? 3Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ? 4


Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ? 5Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ? 6


Getting Disqualified For Choking With The BJJ Belt

Can You Grab The Belt In BJJ?

Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ?

Yes, you can grab the belt in BJJ. However, how useful it is to do it depends on your position. You might be vulnerable to armbars if you do it from the bottom while defending the knee on belly control.

However, if you are on top or trying to pass the guard, you can grab the opponent’s belt to control their hips and secure the pass.

It’s good also during scrambles to help you take the back.

Can You Grab The Belt Takedowns?

According to the IBJJF ruleset, you can’t grab the belt to take the opponent down on their head. If you’re defending a single-leg attack and their head is outside your body. 

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How Do You Choke In BJJ?

You can use various chokes in BJJ to submit your opponent. There’s the guillotine, the d’arce choke, the anaconda choke, and more.

If you’re training BJJ with the gi, the chocking options are endless with the lapel. 

Choking in BJJ is one of the ways of submitting someone via strangling them until they give up or pass out. It would be equivalent to knocking someone out in a striking martial art.

A beginner can learn some basic chokes:

  • Ezequiel.
  • Rear-naked choke.
  • Cross collar choke from mount.

Ezequiel choke

The easiest choke to learn is the Ezequiel choke. It’s one of the most frequently used chokes in BJJ for beginners.

rear-naked choke

Another basic choke that’s easy to learn is the rear-naked choke.

Cross collar choke from mount

The cross collar choke is a basic choke that you can use from the mount position. It’s less popular nowadays in BJJ competitions. But, it is a pretty beginner-friendly submission. 

What To Do If Someone Passes Out In BJJ?

When it comes to training in BJJ, there is a real chance that someone passes out. When this occurs, there is a particular protocol for other people to follow.

Essentially, if someone passes out, the referee should stop the match and check their pulse. If there is no pulse, the referee can call over the medics – who then reanimate them.

If you’re training in the gym, always be aware of your training partner’s safety. It is easy to go out while in a choke that you might not even have time to tap.

If you notice your training partner suddenly isn’t moving. Stop the choke immediately and check their condition. You should call your coach to get them checked out if they pass out.

Can You Choke With The Belt In BJJ? – Conclusion

Can you choke with your belt in BJJ? Yes and no. Yes, because technically, it can be done as long as it is attached to you. No, because it’s not practical to do in competition. It is possible to use your belt for a submission, but only in specific scenarios.

If you take it off and try to choke your opponent with it, you will get disqualified.

It is a better use of your time to learn high percentage BJJ chokes rather than training to choke people with your belt.

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