Best Boxing Speed Bags – They Will Never Let You Down

A speed bag allows you to work on the rhythm and momentum of your strike. In boxing training, this piece of equipment is used daily, which means it has to be durable to absorb punches every single session. Just like regular bags, boxing speed bags are necessary for proper training.

Remember Rocky punching the speed bag? Oh boy, it looks fun and easy, doesn’t it? But trying to hit the speed bag as a beginner can be quite frustrating.

Compared to heavy bags, which can be an alternative for a sparring partner and develop a lot of strength in your punches, boxing speed bags work on your speed and reflexes. To have the most effective, quick, and strong hits, you must combine them both in training.

There are plenty of speed bag options on the market which can all be confusing and overwhelming if you do not know what to look for. 

We at MMAWhisperer believe in top-notch quality. Therefore, we researched the best boxing speed bags that will never let you down.

Regardless of your boxing skills level, after our reviews, you will choose the best speed bag to improve your conditioning.

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Best Boxing Speed Bags 

Best Boxing Speed Bags

Despite seeming like a jab workout, speedwork is a boxing staple because it has a unique ability to work on the endurance, timing, coordination, hand speed, and overall fitness of the fighter

Choosing a speed bag can be easier said than done. A boxing gym usually has old bags that have scratched logos. 

A commercial gym does not have a speed bag, meaning you must purchase one. 

Speed bags have been around for over a hundred years, but they never got the recognition they deserve. They are divided into many categories, like styles, sizes, materials, and accessories, which makes picking one more difficult. 

For that reason, we researched for you and found five of the best boxing speed bags on the market that can be a great training partner for anyone. Without further ado, the best boxing speed bags are

  1. Everlast Elite Light Speed Bag
  2. TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag 
  3. Contender Fight Boxing Speed Bag
  4. Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag 
  5. Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag

Best Boxing Speed Bags Reviews 

Everlast Elite Light Speed Bag 

Everlast is a popular and highly praised manufacturer of sports equipment.

We choose this speedball as our first pick because of many choices. As the name suggests, the Everlast Elite Light speed bag is made from stretchy material, is one of the lightest bags on the market, and comes at a great price. 

Because of the elastic material, the bag is much more lightweight and has no issues with leaking or deflating. The bag rebounds quickly and is perfect for beginners just trying to get the hang of the speedwork. 

Testing methodology 

Because the speed bag from Everlast is most eligible for beginners, we decided to try it. The bag is inexpensive and performs surprisingly well. The speedball comes in medium and large sizes, and both are very tough. Also, the stitching and seams on the bag are top-quality. 

The Everlast Elite Light speed bag is ideal for coordination training and allows beginners to quickly get a grip on this type of workout. 


Everlast Elite Light Speed Bag
SizeMedium and large
Brand Everlast
Color Black
Weight 0.40 pounds
Eligibility Beginners and intermediate users


Pros Cons 
Accurate reboundSome users have experienced leaking problems
Available in two sizes

Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag 

Our next pick is the Title boxing speed bag which utilizes gyroscope technology. This technology allows the bag to be perfectly shaped, so it always has a quick recoil and a balanced rebound. 

The bag is long-lasting because it has a heavy-duty leather shell and tight seams. The butyl rubber inside the bag takes all the credit for the perfectly balanced rebound. The Title Boxing Gyro speedball is quite heavy and therefore lacks a little bit of speed.  

Testing methodology 

If you practice on this speed bag, you must find the optimal pressure. If the speedball is pumped more, it can quickly become unbalanced. While testing the bag, we found the exact pressure levels that worked for us and had a blast while training. 

Also, the Title boxing speed bag comes in many different sizes, like XXS, S, M, and L. 

The gyro technology definitely improves the workout experience while enhancing the conditioning. Especially for beginners like us, who like to slow things down as much as possible. 


Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag 
SizeExtra extra small, small, medium, and large
Weight0.05 pounds
MaterialLeather exterior with gyro technology inside
Eligibility Intermediate and pro fighters 


Pros Cons 
Gyro technology for extra balanceThe bag needs to be regularly inflated
Fast rebounds and recoils
Four different size options

Contender Fight Boxing Speed Bag 

The Contender Fight boxing bag is one of the best boxing speed bags on the market. It is cheap and perfect for beginners just entering the boxing world

Contender is a reliable company manufacturing equipment for boxing and MMA. The brand has a large arsenal of products which range from the bottom of the barrel, boxing equipment for old gyms to some next-level stuff that even professionals implement in their training. 

The boxing speed bag from Contender has soft cushions on the interior and a thick leather layer on the exterior. The speedball holds up nicely and slows the action for easy learning. 

Testing methodology 

In the majority of the reviews, the bag’s shape was highly praised, and going into training with an open mind, we can definitely confirm that. The speed bag from Contender has a great body, it is soft, and the stitches hold up pretty well. 

Unfortunately, the bag often needs to be pumped up. If you do not have access to an air pump, you will have some issues with this bag. 

If you have an air pump, the Contender Fight boxing speed bag brings the quality of high-priced bags for a much smaller cost.

Contender Fight Boxing Speed Bag
SizeSmall and medium
BrandContender Fight Sports
ColorBlack and white
Weight0.65 pounds
Eligibility Intermediate fighters 

Pros and cons

Pros Cons 
Durable stitchingThe edges make the bag less comfortable
Strong welted seams
Great price

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag 

This pear-shaped leather speed bag has great functionality and is designed with extreme durability in mind. Pro Impact Genuine leather speed bag is quite similar to the Title speed bag and comes with a latex bladder. 

The bladder maxes the speedball much lighter with a fast rebound. At first sight, the bladder may signify a short lifespan, but the Pro Impact bag is durable and doesn’t require air that often. The leather exterior of the bag is reinforced with triple seams, which is why the bag can last a long time. 

Testing methodology 

When we tested the speed bag from Pro Impact, we first noticed that the bag was smaller than indicated. However, the bag comes in many sizes, so we found one perfect for conditioning.  

Because the inner bag has a bladder made from latex, it is quite fast. Because we are beginners at best, we needed help practicing with this one. The fact that it was pretty fast for us means that it is super eligible for professionals who like a fast reaction and a comfortable striking surface. 


Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag
SizeExtra small, small, and medium 
BrandPro Impact Genuine
ColorBlack, white black, black red 
Weight0.51 pounds
MaterialLeather exterior, latex interior
Eligibility Professionals, intermediate fighters, and beginners

Pros and cons

Pros Cons 
Lightweight and well balancedBecause of the latex bladder, the bag needs to be frequently reinflated
Responsive and fast reaction
Designed to accommodate beginners, intermediate, and advanced fighters

Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag

Meister has a speed bag for anyone and offers three different sizes for any skill level. Each bag is made out of full-grain cowhide leather. This means that Meister SpeedKills Leather bags are easily maintainable and last a long time

Another thing that many fighters love is the optimal hitting surface of the speed bag. It offers a lot of comfort, and the reinforced stitching doesn’t spoil the surface. 

The speed bags from Meister have tough construction and can be inflated to relatively high pressure. This will eventually lead to swift movements and fast recoil. 

Meister is one of the best-selling boxing speed bags on Amazon because it offers a one-of-a-kind experience and comes at a low price. 

Testing methodology 

Meister speed bags are even used in commercial boxing gyms, so testing them was quite easy. The movement of the medium-sized bag is predictable because it is well-balanced. 

However, we still had to take things down a notch and practice on the large speed bag, which is the most eligible for beginners. Something that has yet to be mentioned is the simple and neat design of the bag, which we are huge fans of.

The Meister SpeedKills bags come at a low price, but the additional hardware has to be purchased separately. 


Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag
SizeSmall, medium, and large
Weight0.50 pounds
MaterialFull-grain cowhide leather
Eligibility Beginners, intermediate level practice, and professionals 

Pros and cons

Pros Cons 
Simple yet elegant designThe hardware for the bag is sold separately
Eligible for every skill level
Lightweight with an inner latex bladder

Frequently Asked Questions


Fighters heavily rely on speed work, and a speed bag is a staple of boxing training. Boxers have a love-hate relationship with the speed bag because, despite looking easy and cool when Michael B Jordan does it in Creed, punching a speedbag is very difficult and tiring. 
The speed bag allows boxers to anticipate the opponent’s movement and better grip on the timing of each punch they throw. While practicing their timing with plenty of speedbag repetitions, boxers also develop good hand-eye coordination. Because the range of motion on the speed bag is quite limited, it requires the hands and brain to work together as a team in fast and flawless movements. 

How to hit a speed bag correctly? 

Firstly, you must set up the speed bag at the proper height. The bag should be at the same level as your mouth. Punching the bag at the wrong size can ruin the benefits of the entire drill. 
After setting the proper height, there is not much we could suggest about the technique or the rhythm. It is all about practice and repetition. If you spend enough time doing speedwork, you will eventually get a better grip on the exercise and build momentum. 
One tip we will leave you with is to keep the bag active and not take breaks. Keep the speed bag’s movement even if you mess up the rhythm. 
Also, do not mistake the speed bag for a heavy bag and use a lot of power. Every beginner makes this mistake and tries to punch the speed bag with a lot of power. On the speedball, you should focus on momentum, a good range of motion, and light punches. You can increase the punching speed as you get better with the drill and gain more control. 


It depends on your skill level, but you can do exercises on the speed bag every time you train. Be careful if you are a beginner and eager to learn proper speedwork. If you spend too much time on the speed bag, you can cause muscle inflammation. 


There is no right or wrong answer regarding how long you should practice on the speed bag. Beginners usually combine speed bag training with exercises like push-ups, air squats, and sit-ups. You need to find a perfect middle ground and not go overboard so that you can get the benefits from the exercise. Ideally, 20 to 30 minutes of speedwork should do the trick.  

Price Breakdown 

Boxing Gym Speed Bags

Boxing speed bags are essential for every boxing gym, and beginners and professionals can use them. When it comes to the cost, a couple of factors determine the price, like the size of the bag, the material, and overall quality. 

The best boxing speed bags allow fighters to work on their balance and hand-eye coordination. Also, the top-notch quality bags have a shell made from leather, and they rebound pretty quickly. 

The speed bags for beginners go from $30 to $70. Some high-end models cost around $100. However, a speed bag without a platform is useless. The platform for a speed bag is sold separately and costs about $150. 

Main Alternatives Compared 

Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag Everlast Light Elite Speed Bag
SizeSmall, medium, and large Medium and large
Weight0.50 pounds 0.40 pounds
MaterialFull-grain cowhide leatherLeather
Eligibility Beginners, intermediate level practice and professionals Beginners and intermediate users

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