Best MMA Compression Shorts You Can Get in 2023

The best MMA compression shorts are designed to endure training and competition. They are worn to offer the best possible support for jiu-jitsu, boxing, and wrestling training. 

However, there is more to explore than just wearing compression shorts when you leave the house. First, you should make sure that the shorts you choose have a specific design that comes with extra perks, like breathability or enhanced mobility. 

These design features can make a huge difference, especially if you’re competing or training mixed martial arts.

The Best MMA Compression Shorts

We reviewed several compression shorts and ranked them for you. We’ve also considered their price, material, fit, and size to ensure that the ones we suggested were of the highest quality. 

The quick reviews below will help you find a pair of MMA compression shorts that are comfortable, breathable, and durable. This is the kind of gear that will ensure that you can train as hard and as long as you want, all while staying warm and dry.

1. Sanabul Compression Base Layer Shorts

Sanabul is a fantastic brand for beginners. They’re known for their high-quality and affordable gear.

Their Sanabul Compression Base Layer Shorts are no exception. Made from a durable blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex, these shorts offer excellent comfort and performance. The materials make these shorts breathable and comfortable without sacrificing performance.

These shorts have been constructed using advanced 4-way stretching material. They’re durable, flexible, and feel great.

There are not many vibrant colors to choose from, but that shouldn’t be an issue. You can find them in black, charcoal grey, and navy blue.

The only flaw might be that they run slightly small.

Overall, these shorts are an excellent buy. They’re reasonably priced and are constructed from a durable fabric. They offer great value for the money.

Similar shorts from other brands might cost you double what you would pay for these ones.


  1. Great look and feel to the fabric.
  2. Superb quality and robust construction.
  3. Affordable price tag.


  1. The compression is not as tight as it could be around the thighs.
  2. They run slightly small, which is a common problem with MMA compression shorts.

2. Shock Doctor Men’s Ultra Pro Boxer Compression Shorts with Ultra Cup

The Shock Doctor Men’s Ultra Pro Boxer Compression Shorts offer you medium compression for the best in comfort and mobility. The fabric is a blend of polyester and spandex, which provides an excellent stretch for muscle compression and optimal moisture control.

This is the top option on this list because they give you a little less compression than some other products yet still offer excellent muscle support.

However, their Ultra Cup Retention System is what makes them a top-notch option. I’ve never been a fan of adding a cup without straps in my compression shorts, but Shock Doctor did an outstanding job.

Rest assured that the inner pocket will keep the cup secure and snug even when performing intense movements. Which is something I thought for a long time was impossible without straps.

Overall, I would recommend these MMA compression shorts to anyone, and it’s one of my favorites. It will give you a feeling of extreme comfort that I’ve never experienced before while wearing a cup without straps.

What did I like most about these shorts? The cutting-edge technology used in the cup system and the quality materials. Nothing feels like cheap traditional compression shorts or ugly-looking boxers like some brands use on their products.

The major downside is that it might not be possible to buy several pairs without getting a new protection cup.


  1. High level of compression and quality.
  2. Excellent support.
  3. No need for a cup strap system since the cup inside has one.


  1. Not budget-friendly shorts.
  2. You might end up with more cups than you need if you order several.

3. Sanabul Core Compression Base Layer Combat Shorts

Sanabul is a brand that has been making great gear for years now, which is why they’ve been producing high-quality compression shorts for quite some time as well. 

Sanabul Core Compression Combat Shorts offer a fit that wraps like a (comfortable) second skin for superior protection and user comfort. In addition, the Sanabul Core Compression Combat Shorts have been designed with the needs of the individual in mind, providing exceptional flexibility, breathability, and durability.

They are made of nylon and spandex, which promotes moisture-wicking to keep you dry while you sweat. The shorts also feature a thick elastic waistband and come with no internal or external pockets.

The stitching is robust, and the product is highly versatile. You can take it for Muay Thai or BJJ practice, but also a light recovery run.

The Sanabul Core Compression Combat Shorts feature an optimal length for grappling and striking. They’re not too short, and they’re not too long either. They provide a good range of motion and comfort.


  1. Excellent fit.
  2. Durable and robust stitching.
  3. Versatile MMA shorts.


  1. Not as small as expected in certain sizes, but still highly functional.
  2. No pockets.

4. RDX MMA Compression Thermal Shorts With Groin Cup

The RDX MMA Compression Thermal Shorts look like a simple pair of shorts, but they’re designed for maximum comfort. They come with a groin cup that has design elements to allow you to move better in them. In addition, the fabric is lightweight and durable.

Before you purchase, you need to consider that the cup does not include a strap. Essentially you place the cup in an inner pocket. This is a big drawback because you might not experience the same level of comfort and protection from cups with a strap.

It is not common to roll with a cup in BJJ, but if you do, this system might not be optimal in keeping the cup in the right place.

One of the major complaints regarding this model of shorts is their cost when compared to other models. The price is high, which can be a big issue for some buyers. However, you can get a more affordable pair for sure.

However, they’re a brand that has been around forever, with MMA fighters using their products because they live up to that expectation. The RDX garments are top-notch, and I trust them entirely in terms of quality and performance.

Aside from that, all in all, the RDX MMA Compression Thermal Shorts are a great pair of MMA shorts if the cup moving around in ground fighting isn’t a deal-breaker, and you won’t miss some extra pockets if you go for a run.

If you are looking for great compression shorts, look no further than the RDX MMA Compression Shorts. Just make sure you balance price with performance, comfort, and durability.


  1. Lightweight fabric.
  2. Dry fast when wet.
  3. Breathable design that doesn’t trap moisture.


  1. Pricey (this is subjective).
  2. Uncomfortable cup system.

5. Meister MMA Compression Rush Fight Shorts

The Meister compression shorts are the perfect pair of fight shorts for pros and amateurs alike. These shorts are designed to be durable, lightweight, and offer a comfortable fit.

It is made with polyester and spandex that is double-lined for added durability and a quick-dry finish that features moisture-wicking fabric to pull sweat away from the body.

They also come with a dedicated pocket for a cup (cup not included). However, this is a feature that most people won’t find useful.

The design with an inner pocket in the groin area is inefficient in keeping the cup in place. Most likely, it will get uncomfortable after a few rolls on the mat or a hectic Muay Thai sparring session.

These MMA compression shorts are available in multiple colors and sizes, including black, red, and white.

Although each of these features is also available in other fight shorts, these are excellent compression shorts.

The Meister MMA rush compression shorts are a great pair of shorts for any combat athlete. They’re affordable, durable, lightweight, and comfortable. So whether you’re grappling or striking, the Meister MMA compression shorts will keep you comfortable from beginning to end.


  1. Affordable and durable.
  2. Lightweight.
  3. Moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable.


  1. Design pocket in the groin area will not keep a cup in place during rolls.

What Features You Should Look For In MMA Compression Shorts

The best MMA shorts will offer the perfect amount of support, as well as additional features that boost performance. This separates them from other types of compression clothing you can wear when performing different types of physical activity.

 Increased Mobility

MMA High Kick - Best MMA Compression Shorts

An MMA compression short needs to be very lightweight to allow natural mobility.

The best way manufacturers achieve this is by building it from a lightweight material with no extra paneling.

Look for thin fabrics in the groin area or just in general at the bottom of the shorts. 

The goal is to eliminate as much material as possible and make them incredibly light so that you can move around quickly while wearing them without feeling any restriction on movement.


The goal is to make sure that you don’t overheat when you’re wearing these shorts. You will likely be sweating profusely during training, and you mustn’t allow yourself to get overheated.

The best way for manufacturers to achieve this is by simply using a material such as mesh in between the shorts and the legs, ensuring plenty of ventilation for the wearer’s legs.

It’s an optional detail, but one that will make a huge difference, especially if you’re wearing shorts during long competitions.

Lightweight, But Durable

The best MMA shorts will be designed to offer the perfect amount of compression that you need for training and competition, but they will also be super lightweight. 

It’s essential to find a balance between these two qualities, as the goal is to make these look great while not making them feel uncomfortable on training or competition day. 

The best option is a combination of fabric and materials that are lightweight and strong enough to prevent wear and tear over time.

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What Features You Should Avoid In MMA Compression Shorts

A common mistake you can make is to choose compression shorts that are made from heavy material, as they will reduce your performance. 

MMA compression shorts need to be light and relatively thin to offer the best performance possible. This is why it’s wise to avoid anything that will feel overly restricting or uncomfortable when you wear this type of clothing.

Too Many Extra Pockets

While you will likely want to have some additional features on MMA compression shorts, it can be easy to overdo it and include too many things. 

This can make the shorts heavier and more challenging to move in, something that you want to avoid choosing the suitable compression shorts for your needs. 

Look for just enough hidden pockets so that you can store your keys, wallet, or phone without adding more material and making them harder to move around. The more lightweight they are, the better.

Avoid Anything That Is Too Tight

While you want something light and thin when choosing a pair of MMA compression shorts, it’s also important to avoid anything that will be too tight on your body. 

This again is largely down to personal preference but remember that compression shorts are meant to offer support and stability, so you need a pair that is comfortable. 

If your compression shorts are too tight they will restrict your movement, meaning your performance is likely to suffer.

Bad stitching

shorts that have loose seams or bad stitching can make it feel like there are gaps between each individual layer of material. 

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MMA Compression Shorts Size Guide

The best MMA compression shorts should not be too tight or too loose when you wear them. 

The right size is all about finding something that is just right so that they don’t feel restrictive and allow you to move freely enough.  

Another good reason you want them to fit is that you might end with lots of pressure in the groin area if you get the wrong size. Also, you don’t want to finish your training with groin pain from tight compression shorts. 

Here’s a quick guide to wearing MMA spandex shorts whenever you have the chance: 

  1. Measure Your Waist Size: Your waist measurement is what will determine your underwear size in general, including MMA compression shorts sizing. For example, if your waist measurement is around 32 inches, you should order size L (30.5 – 32 inches).
  2. Measure Your Legs: The length of your leg is typically what determines arm length, including mixed martial arts compression shorts sizing. For example, if you have approximately 6-7″ in your legs, you should order size M (16″).
  3. Measure Your Hips: This is likely where measurement confusion will start to occur. Your hips are where you will be wearing the compression shorts, while your waist is the measurement around your waist that is likely to be the most reliable. You can verify this by putting on a pair of pants and doing a quick check around your body. 

MMA Spandex Shorts Size Chart

(in inches)
(in inches)
S26.0 – 278.5
M28.0 – 299.0
L30.5 – 329.5
XL33.5 – 3510.0
2XL35.0 – 3710.5

The best you can do is measure each leg individually, which will allow you to be sure that there are no discrepancies or oddities between them.

It’s common to have slightly different measurements between legs, but there shouldn’t be more than an inch or two difference.

What Are MMA Compression Shorts Made Of?

As we’ve mentioned, MMA compression shorts are all about comfort, and this is why you want to avoid anything that makes them feel overly restrictive.

Polyester is one of the best materials for mixed martial arts compression shorts and other items because it’s highly resistant to water and stains.

Polyester fabric also provides excellent warmth in cold climates, is wrinkle-free primarily, and has a fast-drying quality that will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Other common materials are nylon and spandex. Nylon is known for its strength, which makes it a solid option. Spandex is relatively elastic, which increases flexibility and comfort.

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Best MMA Compressions shorts FAQ

Are compression shorts good for MMA?

The short answer is yes. Compression clothing designed for MMA will offer the support you need to perform better during training and competition.

It’s essential to choose a top-of-the-line material that will keep your legs comfortable while providing maximum compression, the best way to make sure that you can perform at your best at all times.

This includes polyester and spandex, which are materials used in many different types of compression clothing for women and men.

Do UFC fighters wear compression shorts?

Yes, UFC fighters wear compression shorts. I use compression shorts every time I train, and although I’m not a pro fighter, I have seen many fighters wear similar shorts when preparing for a fight.

What are the most comfortable MMA Compression shorts?

The best MMA compression shorts are the ones that don’t restrict movement but offer sufficient support for your body’s needs.

It’s essential to make sure that they are lightweight and breathable, but that’s not enough to make the shorts a significant part of your training routine.

What is the right amount of compression in MMA shorts?

The best MMA compression shorts will provide moderate compression, allowing for mobility and support at the same time. You should feel tightness but not discomfort while wearing them.


Compression shorts generally have a better impact on minimizing muscle pain, swelling, and fatigue. They are also significantly more comfortable than traditional MMA fight shorts.

They support muscles and joints in contact with the ground during grappling or when a fighter’s limbs need to be held close to the body for dexterity in striking or grappling maneuvers.

Can you wear compression shorts in MMA?

Yes, you can wear compression shorts in MMA. You shouldn’t have any trouble training and even competing with them; however, if competition is your goal, double-check with your fighting promotion the rules to be sure.

What are the tight MMA shorts called?

You can find tight MMA shorts, also as MMA compression shorts, MMA spandex shorts, or compression fight shorts. The most common way to call them by far is MMA compression shorts.

Are Muay Thai shorts good for MMA?

You can find people in the cage wearing Muay Thai shorts. However, that’s mostly in lesser-known promotions.

Long term, the best options are MMA compression shorts or the regular ones. Muay Thai Shorts are not ideal for MMA. But, they might work for casual training here and there.

However, depending on the design and patches your Muy Thai shorts have, they might get uncomfortable during grappling exchanges.

Final Thoughts About The Best MMA Compression Shorts

There are different types of compression shorts, and they vary in their price range, features, features, and the way they fit. That said, I believe that any of the five products above are quality options that you’ll enjoy. 

If you’re on a budget, the Elite Sports Men’s Compression Shorts are an excellent choice. They are reasonably priced and appropriate for beginners.

If ultimate comfort is your top priority, then the Shock Doctor Men’s Ultra Pro Boxer Compression Shorts with Ultra Cup is an excellent choice. They may be expensive, yet they’re worth every penny.

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