Do Boxers Wear Cups?

Boxing can be a grueling sport. You need strength, speed, agility, and endurance to thrive. One thing that I’ve seen countless times in MMA or boxing gyms is people training without essential protective gear. Sure, everybody has gloves and mouthpieces. 

But what about cups? While they’re a bit uncomfortable to wear, the discomfort isn’t even close to how painful a low blow to your groin could be, so do boxers wear cups? And should you take it more seriously and get one or use yours more often? In this article, we’ll explore the topic of cups in boxing.

Why Do Boxers Wear Groin Guards?

do boxers wear cups? - Groin protection in boxing

Boxing is a full-contact sport. Boxers constantly throw punches, trying to blow each other’s heads off. 

With all the footwork and dodging techniques involved in the exchanges, there’s a high risk of accidental contact with the groin area. A cup for boxing provides additional protection, reducing the risk of serious injury.

Additionally to protecting your genitals, a cup can also provide some peace of mind. Boxers who wear cups are less likely to be distracted by the fear of getting hit in the groin. Therefore, having a boxing cup can help them stay focused on the fight and perform at their best.

However, if you’re new to combat sports, don’t assume you can lower your guard only because you have an excellent growing protector. Punches or kicks to the groin area will still be painful, even with a cup.

Just tune in to any UFC event this weekend. It is common there to see an accident or two every weekend. And the referee pauses the action every time, giving them time to recover.

The overall benefit of wearing a boxing cup is that you would avoid the most horrible injuries that might happen if you don’t wear a cup at all. 

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The Risks of Getting Hit Without Groing Protection In Boxing

Not wearing a cup while boxing and getting hit in the genitals directly can lead to a range of negative consequences. Here are some of the potential injuries that might happen:

  • Testicular trauma – This is the most evident and severe injury resulting from a direct punch to the grin without wearing groin protection. A direct blow to the groin can cause pain, swelling, bruising, and even rupturing of the testicles, which can require surgery and potentially lead to long-term complications such as infertility.
  • Minor testicular bruises and cuts – Without a cup for boxing, the delicate tissues of the genital area are more vulnerable to bruises and contusions, which can cause pain and discomfort. The recovery form should be pretty straightforward, and a doctor I asked said it wouldn’t have long-lasting consequences in most cases. 
  • Scrotal hematoma: also known as a blood clot, can occur due to blunt trauma. It is characterized by the formation of a large blood clot inside the scrotum, which may require drainage. This condition is often seen in people hit by a ball while playing sports. The most common symptoms include intense pain and swelling in the scrotum.

Wearing a cup while training or competing in boxing is a good idea. But does everybody wear them? 

Do All Boxers Wear Cups?

do all boxers wear cups when competing?

While cups are generally recommended for boxers and martial artists, they are not mandatory at most boxing gyms. The decision to wear a cup is ultimately up to the fighter and their trainer during their day-to-day activity. 

Some boxers choose not to wear groin protectors because while they’re excellent at protecting the groin, they can feel uncomfortable or restrictive. 

However, multiple amateur and professional boxing organizations require using cups in competition. For example, the World Boxing Association (WBA) requires all male boxers to wear a protective cup during competition.

The WBA rules established that:

“A protector (belt and cup) shall be required for boxers participating in sanctioned fights. The protector shall not exceed the navel or the superior anterior iliac spine. The trunks shall go one (1) inch over the protector. Boxers shall have the trunks and protector available at the weighing ceremony so that the supervisor or referee may approve or disapprove them. Before beginning the fight, the referee will verify that both contenders use their protectors below the navel.”

World Boxing Association Rules

Types of Cups For Boxing

There are several types of cups for boxers. 

Basic Plastic cup

Do Boxers Wear Cups? 7Do Boxers Wear Cups? 8

This is the most common type of cup, which goes inside a jockstrap. This type of cup delivers solid groin protection, but it’s uncomfortable to wear for long training sessions.

compression shorts with integrated cup

Do Boxers Wear Cups? 9Do Boxers Wear Cups? 10

This type of cup is integrated into a pair of compression shorts. Therefore you don’t need a jockstrap. Compression shorts with built-in cups are often more comfortable than traditional cups.

Boxing Competition Cups

Do Boxers Wear Cups? 11Do Boxers Wear Cups? 12

This type of groin protection is the most complete for boxing training and competition. It protects your groin and hips. It usually is larger to offer complete protection to fighters entering the ring. 

How to Choose a Boxing Cup

Choosing the right cup is essential for both comfort and protection. Here are six key questions your should ask yourself before getting a boxing cup:

What type of material is the boxing groin protector made of?

The material used in the groin protector can vary. Still, it’s vital to look for one that is made from a durable and high-quality material, such as synthetic leather or polyurethane. These materials are known for their toughness and ability to withstand impact.

How much protection does this boxing cup offer?

The level of protection will depend on the design and construction of the product. Look for a cup specifically designed for boxing. They’re normally bulkier than the ones for other sports and offer ample protection to the groin area.

Is this cup comfortable to wear for extended periods?

Comfort is essential when wearing a boxing groin protector. Look for a product designed with comfort in mind. Some features to look for are breathable mesh lining or soft foam padding.

What size should I order to ensure a proper fit?

To ensure a proper fit, measure your waist and hips and compare them to the product’s size chart on their website. This will help you choose the right size.

Will the groin protector restrict movement during training or competition?

The perfect boxing cup shouldn’t restrict movement during training or competition. Look for a product that is designed to be flexible and allow for a full range of motion.

Is the groin protector easy to put on and take off?

Putting on and taking off a groin protector should be straightforward. Especially after you gave it all during training, all you want to do is get off your training gear and go home. Look for a cup with a secure and adjustable closure system.

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Do Boxers Wear Cups? – Final Word

In conclusion, boxers wear cups to protect their genitals from injury during training and competition. While boxing cups are not always mandatory for all fighters in daily training, multiple boxing organizations will only let you compete if you wear one. 

Several types of cups are available, each with its pros and cons. When choosing a cup, it’s essential to consider size, material, and even style to ensure maximum comfort and protection.

So, that’s it! I hope this article has answered your question about whether boxers wear cups.

As always, if you have any more questions or comments, leave them below. It might take a while, but we always read and answer your comments. 

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