What Gear Do You Need For Krav Maga

Unlike other gym workouts that are boring and repetitive, Krav Maga will keep you constantly thinking on your feet. It’s an exciting sport and workout that requires protective gear.

You can expect hits, kicks, punches, and jabs during a Krav Maga workout. Weapons are also involved, which means you need more than shin and elbow pads. While you don’t need full-body armor, you do want to protect your head and hands. You also need a few fake weapons.

It can be a long list of essential gear, but thankfully it’s affordable even if you purchase everything at once. You won’t go broke getting in shape and learning a few martial arts skills.

Essential Gear You Do Need For Krav Maga 

When it comes to Krav Maga gear, concentrate on getting what you need to stay safe when you’re training and sparring against opponents.

Tatami Shoes/Training Shoes 

Plyometrics and other types of training are common in Krav Maga workouts. You need training shoes that are durable, flexible, and lightweight. The shoes come with Nike’s Flywire technology that ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

The shoes won’t fly off when you’re delivering a kick to your opponent. Add in dual-density foam for plenty of support, along with traction, and you’re ready to execute almost any workout move.

Krav Maga Uniform/Workout Clothes 

Your body is constantly moving during a Krav Maga workout. You want comfortable athletic clothes that aren’t too loose or tight. Look for breathable, lightweight fabrics. 

The pants allow for plenty of movement, and the lightweight construction helps keep you cool during sparring matches.

MMA Gloves 

It’s important to protect your hands during training. It’s easy to bruise or cut your hands; it’s recommended to have MMA gloves that are durable and allow for natural hand movement.

çYou won’t feel restricted when you’re wearing a pair. A segmented thumb section keeps the gloves in place, along with the locking wrist wrap.

Groin Guard 

The groin is an area most guys don’t want to injure, especially during a Krav Maga workout. A powerful kick from an opponent is extremely painful without a groin guard.

The right protection has an ergonomic design that fits securely to your body, providing protection exactly where you need it.

Shin Guards 

Accidental hits to the shin bone happen in KM training, whether you’re a beginner or familiar with the workout. Shin guards give you plenty of protection against heavy kicks.

The lightweight shin guard is padded with two types of foam, and the Velcro straps ensure it stays securely in place.

Other Krav Maga Gear To Consider 

Protective gear isn’t the only equipment to consider getting. There are a few other pieces that you may want to add to your home gym.

Fake Weapons 

Training with some fake weapons is a part of Krav Maga training, and having a few for home practice will improve your skills. For safety precautions, you never want to train or spar with real weapons.

Tombstone Shield 

You don’t want to hurt your opponent, but you don’t want to hold back during training. The only way to get better is to give it your all. A tombstone shield will give your sparring partner plenty of protection so you can throw your most brutal kicks and jabs.

Punching Mitts 

You need a good, sturdy pair of punching mitts for training and practice rounds. It’s best to spend a little extra on a quality leather pair like the Krav Maga Training Gloves from Revgear. Guys want to look for a pair around 16 ounces, and women 14 to 16 ounces depending on their upper-body strength.

Punching Bag 

You don’t have to practice at home. But if you’re serious about KM, you need a punching bag. The Jayefo Sports Punching Bag is durable, can be filled up to 70lbs, and affordably priced. You can practice your kicks, punches, and jabs anytime you’re not working out at the gym.

Extra Equipment You Might Want When Training Krav Maga 

If you want to splurge a little on your home Krav Maga gym, there are a few extra pieces of equipment that’ll complete your setup.

Pull-up Bar 

Upper body strength is an integral part of KM training, and a great way to build up functional upper body power is with a pull-up bar.

Jump Rope 

You not only improve mobility with a jump rope, but it’s also an excellent exercise for your cardiovascular health. You can even burn calories jumping rope.

Water Bottle 

Hydration during any workout is essential, and not only for your health. Water is also crucial when you’re building muscle. Even though there are hydration stations at the gym, it’s good to have a personal water bottle nearby during KM workouts.

Gym Bag 

You have a lot of gear to carry, and a backpack won’t work. You need a sturdy gym bag that will hold your clothes, shoes, gloves, and other equipment.


Another piece of equipment you want in your home gym is kettlebells. The small weights are great when you’re building upper and lower body strength. You can also incorporate kettlebells in a variety of other KM exercises.

Essential Krav Gear Checklist

  • Tatami shoes or training shoes.
  • Mouthguard.
  • MMA gloves.
  • Krav Maga uniform or workout clothes.
  • Water bottle.
  • Groin guard.

Final Word On Krav Maga Gear

Krav Maga is a cross between a full-body workout program and a sparring match. It’s designed to improve overall fitness while also teaching defensive skills. It’s a fun workout, but it does require a lot of gear.

You can spend the time and money on equipment to build a Krav Maga training gym at home or only focus on the essential gear. When you’re just starting, stick with the basics. As you become more familiar with the workout program, you can begin building a home training area.

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