How Good Is Sean Strickland Really? – A Data-Driven Deep Dive

In the high-octane world of the UFC, Sean Strickland stands out for his impressive record, unique fighting style, and magnetic personality. 

But it’s not just his fighting prowess that has captured the attention of fans and media alike. Strickland’s brutally honest interviews and unfiltered social media presence have made him a polarizing figure. 

Fresh off a monumental victory against Israel Adesanya, Strickland has left the MMA community buzzing with questions about his ceiling as a fighter.

So, how good is Sean Strickland, really? Is he the future of the Middleweight division, or just a one-trick pony? 

In this data-driven deep dive, we’ll dissect Strickland’s techniques and analyze his UFC fights.

Let’s get to it.

Sean’s Key Performance Metrics

how good is sean strickland

Here are some of Sean’s key performance metrics based on a large dataset of UFC fights:

  • Total Fights: 14
  • Total Wins: 10
  • Win Ratio: Approximately 71.4%
  • Total Strikes Attempted: 3,313
  • Total Strikes Successful: 1,483
  • Strike Accuracy: Approximately 44.8%
  • Total Takedowns Attempted: 12
  • Total Takedowns Successful: 10
  • Takedown Accuracy: Approximately 83.3%
  • Average Control Time per Fight: Approximately 74.3 seconds

These metrics give us a detailed glimpse into Sean Strickland’s outstanding performance during his UFC run. His impressive win ratio and exceptional takedown accuracy truly stand out.

Our team has meticulously computed the crucial performance metrics for Sean Strickland and other top-ranked fighters in the Middleweight division. 

Let’s explore how Sean’s key performance metrics stack up against the top of the food chain in the UFC Middleweight division. 

Sean Strickland vs. the Top UFC Middleweights 

FighterTotal FightsTotal WinsWin RatioStrike AccuracyTakedown AccuracyAvg Control Time per Fight (sec)
Sean Strickland14100.710.450.8374.3
Israel Adesanya16130.810.520.1437.9
Dricus Du Plessis661.000.580.50108.2
Robert Whittaker1180.730.460.3486.9
Jared Cannonier1490.640.550.4357.6
Bruno Silva1370.540.540.2796.9
Brad Tavares1170.640.490.1267.5
Anthony Hernandez750.710.670.57285.1
Christian Leroy Duncan210.500.560.0053.5
Abdul Razak Alhassan1160.550.530.3858.5

What can we learn from this information? – Quick conclusions 

  • Win Ratio: Sean Strickland boasts an impressive win ratio of 0.71, putting him in the league of top-tier fighters such as Israel Adesanya (0.81) and Robert Whittaker (0.73).
  • Striking: When it comes to striking, Strickland’s accuracy hovers around 0.45, which may be slightly lower compared to other elite fighters. However, his accuracy percentage isn’t telling the whole story. But more on that later.
  • Takedowns: In the realm of takedowns, Strickland truly shines with an impressive accuracy rate of 0.83, positioning him amongst the highest-ranking fighters in this aspect. 
  • Control Time: Sean’s average control time per fight is 74.3 seconds, which is moderate compared to others in the division.

Sean Strickland In-Depth UFC Metrics Analysis

How Good Is Sean Strickland Really? - A Data-Driven Deep Dive 3How Good Is Sean Strickland Really? - A Data-Driven Deep Dive 4

Let’s continue our exploration of his performance and uncover what sets him apart from the rest of the pack.

1. Takedown Accuracy

Sean Strickland showcases an exceptional takedown accuracy rate, hovering around an impressive 83.3%. This statistic speaks volumes about his wrestling.

Throughout his UFC career, Strickland has attempted a total of 12 takedowns. Remarkably, he has landed 10 of them successfully. 

But here’s the thing: Strickland doesn’t go all-out with takedown attempts like crazy. In fact, when you look at his total fights (which is 14, by the way), his takedown attempts are on the lower side. 

This tells us that while he’s really good at takedowns, he doesn’t put all his eggs in that basket when it comes to winning. Therefore, he looks like a one-dimensional fighter to the casual fan, which is far from the truth. 

2. Striking Accuracy

Now, here’s the flip side: Strickland’s striking accuracy is sitting at around 44.8%. That’s a bit lower compared to his takedown accuracy. 

Striking accuracy is super important in those stand-up battles, and having a lower rate suggests there’s definitely some room for improvement in his striking game. 

But here’s the thing: we need to put this in perspective. We’re comparing his striking accuracy among the top ten ranked opponents. And the truth is, some of those guys have fewer fights and fewer strikes attempted than Sean. 

This gives them an unfair advantage when it comes to these numbers. Here’s the real deal: Sean is actually ranked as the 4th highest fighter in terms of significant strikes landed among active Middleweights

So, while the accuracy could use a little boost, let’s not forget that he’s still one of the most accurate strikers in the entire division.

3. Balanced Approach

Strickland’s takedown and striking accuracy paint a picture of a well-rounded fighter. He’s not some one-trick pony who only relies on his striking or grappling skills. Nope, not at all. 

Strickland can switch it up depending on the fight scenario or the opponent he’s up against. But he seems to prefer striking over grappling in his most recent bouts. 

He’s got that versatility and adaptability that make him a force to be reckoned with inside that octagon. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have beaten Adesanya for the title.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Sean Strickland

According to the data, Let’s break down Sean Strickland’s strengths and weaknesses. 


  • Win Ratio: This guy’s got a win ratio of around 71.4%. That’s some serious consistency right there. It shows that Strickland knows how to stick to his game plan and perform like a champ, even when the pressure’s on.
  • Takedown Accuracy: Strickland’s takedown accuracy is through the roof, sitting at around 83.3%. That’s next level. It means he’s all about calculated and efficient takedowns, giving him the upper hand in controlling where the fight goes.
  • High Volume Striker: You won’t believe it, but Strickland is ranked 4th in terms of significant strikes landed among active Middleweight fighters. Yeah, his striking accuracy might not be off the charts, but he makes up for it with a crazy high volume of strikes. With 982 strikes landed, this dude is a constant threat in those explosive stand-up exchanges.
  • Well-Rounded Fighting Style: Here’s the real deal—Strickland is a jack of all trades. He has the skills to knock it out of the park in striking and takedowns. That kind of versatility messes with his opponents’ heads, ’cause they gotta prepare for an all-around MMA showdown.


  • Striking Accuracy: Now, don’t get me wrong, Strickland can throw down some serious strikes. The guy lands a ton of them, no doubt. But here’s the thing: his striking accuracy is sitting at around 44.8%. Now, that ain’t bad, but there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to precision. If he can enhance his accuracy, those high-volume strikes will become even more lethal. It’s all about hitting the bullseye.
  • Control Time: Now, when it comes to controlling the fight, Strickland’s average control time is around 74.3 seconds per bout. Now, that’s not necessarily a weakness, but think about it: if he can increase that control time, he’ll have more chances to wear down his opponents and really put the pressure on. Yes, damage is the king regarding the scorecards and the fun factor in the fight, but there’s nothing wrong in asserting dominance inside that cage with some more control time.
  • Low Volume of Takedown Attempts: Here’s an interesting tidbit. While Strickland’s takedown accuracy is impressive, he doesn’t go all-out with takedown attempts. Across his 14 fights, he’s only tried 12 takedowns. Talk about playing it safe, right? But imagine this: if he becomes more aggressive with takedowns, it adds a whole new layer of unpredictability to his fighting style. The opposition won’t know what hit ’em. It’s time to take some risks and mix things up!

So, there you have it—the inside scoop on Strickland’s game. With a little fine-tuning, this guy could take his fighting to a whole new level. 

Sean Strickland vs.Other Top-Ranked Middleweights

Check out these nifty visuals comparing Sean Strickland’s performance metrics with those of other top-ranked Middleweight fighters. 

They provide a clear and informative picture of how he stacks up against the competition. 

Sean’s Win Ratio Comparison

Sean Strickland win ratio

Strike Accuracy Comparison

Sean strickland strike accuracy chart

Takedown Accuracy

Sean strickland takedown accuracy

Average Control Time Per Fight Comparison

Average fight control time sean strickland

Wrapping things up about Sean vs Other Middle-weights

Let’s wrap things up and take a closer look at Sean Strickland in comparison to other Middleweight fighters:

Win Ratio: Strickland’s win ratio puts him right up there among the top dogs in the division, on par with fighters like Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker.

Strike Accuracy: Now, his strike accuracy may not be the absolute highest, but here’s the kicker—he’s actually ranked 4th in terms of significant strikes landed among all active Middleweight competitors. This just goes to show that he’s all about that high-volume striking game.

Takedown Accuracy: When it comes to takedowns, Strickland truly shines. He’s got one of the highest takedown accuracies among the elite fighters, demonstrating his impressive wrestling skills.

Average Control Time per Fight: Now, his control time might not blow you away, but hey, it’s all part of his balanced fighting style. Strickland doesn’t exclusively rely on ground control to secure wins. He’s got a whole repertoire of moves up his sleeve.

So there you have it—Strickland is among the best in the Middleweight division. It’s clear that he’s a name you can’t ignore in the division. It is not a coincidence that he’s a champion. 

Decoding Sean Strickland: A Visual Journey Through Numbers

Here are some interesting visuals about Sean’s UFC run.

UFC Career Progression – How good is Sean Strickland?

How Good Is Sean Strickland Really? - A Data-Driven Deep Dive 5

This time-series plot traces Sean Strickland’s career from 2016 to 2021. We’re focusing on three key metrics: Win Ratio, Strike Accuracy, and Takedown Accuracy. 

First things first, his Win Ratio has been through the roof and steady as a rock. That means his career is rollin’ in the right direction, with consistent success.

Both his Strike Accuracy and Takedown Accuracy are showing a positive trend. That tells us one thing—he’s continuously leveling up his game, showing some serious growth and improvement.

In a nutshell, Strickland’s career has been a rollercoaster of success and improvement. He’s on an upward trajectory, showing no signs of slowing down.

Win Methods of Sean Strickland

How Good Is Sean Strickland Really? - A Data-Driven Deep Dive 6

This cool pie chart breaks down Sean Strickland’s wins by method. 

About 50% of Sean Strickland’s wins come from knockouts or technical knockouts (KO/TKO). That’s a significant number of fights won by KO/TKO, showing that his striking game is on point and seriously effective. 

The dude knows how to detach people from their consciousness.

About 20% of his wins come from submissions, which means he’s got some decent skills on the ground too. Don’t underestimate his submission game.

Now, the remaining 30% of his wins come from decision victories, where the judges have their say. This just goes to show that Strickland can go the distance and nab those wins through some tough, hard-fought battles.

This pie chart tells us one thing: Strickland is a versatile fighter who can finish fights in different ways. Whether it’s knockout power, slick submissions, or grinding it out for a decision, Strickland’s got the tools to get the job done. 

Strikes by Target for Sean Strickland

How Good Is Sean Strickland Really? - A Data-Driven Deep Dive 7

The bar chart gives us the breakdown of Sean Strickland’s striking game.

Roughly 60% of Sean Strickland’s strikes are aimed straight at the head. The guy’s got a laser focus on delivering those high-impact hits.

According to the dataset analyzed, Strickland is the kind of fighter who understands the importance of diversity in his strikes. He keeps his opponents on their toes by throwing shots at different body parts but focusing heavily on landing fight-ending strikes.

Fight Outcomes for Sean Strickland

How Good Is Sean Strickland Really? - A Data-Driven Deep Dive 8

This donut chart breaks down Sean Strickland’s fight outcomes. It will give us insight into his track record in the UFC.

Around 76.9% of his fights have ended in wins. That’s a major win streak. It goes to show that Strickland has had a highly successful career inside that octagon. 

Also, about 23.1% of Sean’s fights have resulted in losses

In terms of draws or No Contests? Well, there ain’t any on the menu. It’s all about the wins and losses for Strickland so far.

So, what’s the bottom line? Strickland’s win percentage is through the roof, highlighting his effectiveness as a fighter and his ability to come out on top in the ring. 

Sean Strickland UFC Data Analysis Methodology

Let’s take a step back and talk about the process behind our assessment of how good Sean Strickland is in the UFC, which can definitely have an impact on the numbers. So, keep that in mind as we dive into the stats.

Data Collection

The dataset used for this analysis was sourced from UFC Stats, covering fights from “UFC 201: Lawler vs. Woodley” to “UFC Fight Night: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2.”

Data Filtering

The dataset was filtered to isolate fights involving Sean Strickland and the top 10 fighters in the Middleweight division.

Metrics Calculation

  • Win Ratio: Calculated as the total number of wins divided by the total number of fights.
  • Strike Accuracy: Calculated as the total number of successful strikes divided by the total number of attempted strikes.
  • Takedown Accuracy: Calculated as the total number of successful takedowns divided by the total number of attempted takedowns.
  • Control Time: Averaged over the total number of fights.
  • Comparative Analysis: The metrics for Sean Strickland were compared with those of other top-ranked fighters in his weight class.
  • Visualization: Bar plots were created to visualize these metrics, highlighting how Sean Strickland stacks up against other top competitors.


  • Sample Size: The number of fights for each fighter varies, which can impact the reliability of the calculated metrics. For instance, a fighter with fewer fights might have a skewed win ratio or strike accuracy.
  • Career Stage: The dataset doesn’t account for the stage of the fighters’ careers, which can be a significant factor. A veteran fighter may have different metrics than a newcomer, even if they are equally skilled.
  • Opponent Quality: The metrics don’t factor in the quality of opponents faced. Facing higher-caliber opponents can impact performance metrics.
  • Context: The metrics are isolated figures and don’t take into account the context of fights, such as injuries, game plans, or other external factors that might have impacted a fighter’s performance.
  • Data Completeness: The dataset only includes specific events and is not a complete record of Sean’s fighting history.
  • Type of Strikes: The dataset mainly focuses on significant strikes, not capturing the full range of strikes that can occur in a fight, such as jabs or feints, which can also be strategically important.
  • Time-Based Metrics: Metrics like control time were averaged over fights, which may not accurately represent Sean’s ability to control specific fights.

Conclusion: How Good is Sean Strickland Really?

Our data analysis shows that Sean Strickland is objectively a force to be reckoned with in the UFC’s Middleweight division. 

First off, His impressive win ratio is around 71.4%. Strickland ranks among the top performers in his weight class. When it comes to takedowns, his accuracy is off the charts at about 83.3%. 

Plus, he’s the 4th highest in significant strikes landed among all active Middleweight fighters. That’s some serious striking volume right there.

But what sets Strickland apart is his versatility. This guy excels in both striking and wrestling when needed. I hope to see more of his wrestling in future bouts. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, Strickland still has room to grow. Improving his striking accuracy would take his stand-up game to the next level. And while his control time is nothing to scoff at, focusing more on ground control could add another layer of complexity to his already impressive skill set.

Of course, we gotta keep in mind that our analysis has its limitations. We’re dealing with varying sample sizes and career stages for each fighter. But even when we take those factors into account, Strickland’s performance speaks for itself. 

So, how good is Sean Strickland? Well, the data tells us he’s an elite fighter. He’s got the versatility to adapt to different styles and the skills to dominate in multiple aspects of MMA. Yeah, there’s always room for improvement, but this guy is already up there with the best in the Middleweight division. When it comes to MMA, he’s the real deal.

In a sport where one wrong move can mean the difference between victory and defeat, Strickland’s proficiency in multiple areas makes him not just good, but great. 

He might be too modest to admit it on camera, but his win over Adesanya wasn’t a fluke. Sean Strickland’s is legit. 

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