Best MMA Punching Bag For Your MMA Home Gym

When it comes to MMA or any combat sport, you’re only as good as the strike you deliver.

With the precision, speed, and force needed to take down opponents, you won’t be a worthy contender yourself, so it’s one of the areas that we need to focus on most when it comes to our martial arts practice.

Although there are other methods like sparring or shadow boxing, none can come close to the repetitive and helpful method of using a punching bag.

Champions in combat sports throughout history would be nowhere without their bag, and if you’re ready to take your MMA practice seriously, you’ll want to equip yourself with the best MMA punching bag as well.

What makes a good MMA punching bag?

There are some features you’ll want to look for depending on the purpose of the bag, but for MMA practice in general, either a hanging of heavy bag is good.

You’ll need to consider the weight, fill, materials, striking surface, and where you want to keep it, making sure it’s the best MMA bag to suit you specifically.

The best MMA bag might look different for every fighter, depending on your size, technique, and what areas you want to improve on.

Therefore, we’ve made this comprehensive buying guide to show you what the best of the best looks like in every category, so you won’t have to second guess whether your choice for the best punching bag is going to serve you well.

A punching bag is the ideal training tool for MMA and other combat sports, and if you want to take your practice to the next level, your home gym shouldn’t be without one.

We’ve searched far and wide to come up with our picks for the best MMA gym bag in all categories including kids’ bags and bags for beginners, so check out what we’ve found to help make your decision easier.

Best Overall: Pro Impact Double End Punching Bag

  • Size: 2 x 7 inch bags
  • Type: Double-end
  • Weight: N/A

If you’re looking for the best MMA gym bag that provides all-rounder excellence, our favorite is the Pro Impact Double End Punching Bag.

The design of this bag has two seven inch bags, with one of either end, so you’re able to practice strikes up high and down low, as well as your kicks.

This is the best punching bag for home even if you don’t have a lot of space, and it comes with bungee cords and S-hooks so you can put it together yourself at home.

The best thing about this bag from Pro Impact is how easy it is to use as well, and that’s mainly thanks to the top-grade genuine leather used all around it.

No matter the force you strike with or how much you give it, it’ll last for years to come, and withstand as many beatings as you’re prepared to deliver. When you’re shopping for the long term, having something with quality leather like this is a must.

Customers loved how smooth the bag was as well, and even though most were wearing gloves when training, you could easily strike it without getting abrasions.

The stitching is smooth and it has a fine, glossy surface only made better-looking thanks to the leather, so if you want a showstopper in your home gym, it’s a must-have addition.

On the downside, the cords included with this bag weren’t up to the task, and when you’re installing something that’s going to take this much of a beating, you want it to be secured.

Customers have recommended investing in your own bungee cords to replace those that come with this, so it’s a small extra fee that you’ll have to pay, but one that will deliver amazing results for your training and the security of the bag.

The Pro Impact Double End Punching Bag is made with a heavy-duty rubber bladder and it’s one of the strongest on the market.

You won’t lose any air even after multiple punches, and it has reinforced loops and welded seams that only strengthen it further. This accessory comes in either a nine or seven-inch style with an upper and lower bag, or you can opt for just a single bag design.

If you want a serious punching bag to elevate your MMA practice, our favorite choice is the Pro Impact Double End Punching Bag. For a durable and smooth bag to improve your technique at home, the Pro Impact is the way to go.

Runner Up: MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0 

  • Size: 49 – 63”
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Weight: N/A

When you’re after the best home MMA bag that requires minimal setup, you can’t go wrong with the MaxxMMA Punching Reflex Bag.

This is a reflex bag which means it’ll swing back as hard as you hit it, so not only can it help with striking, but your dodging and weaving as well.

The Pro style of the bag can be adjusted from 49 inches to 63 inches to suit all sizes, and there are smaller sizes available for kids and shorter adults as well.

One of the best things about this bag is that it requires little setup, so if you feel uneasy about using special tools or putting screws in the ceiling, you’ll love the ease of this.

Because it’s a lighter weight set up on a pole, it’s not too much to lift, and the bag is filled with EVA foam which takes away a lot of the strain of carrying it. There’s no official word from MaxxMMA about the weight of the bag, but most will be able to carry it with ease.

Another great thing about this reflex bag is that you can use it anywhere. If you want a change of scenery and would prefer to practice in the backyard, it can be done, and because you can empty and change the freestanding base’s content as you choose, it’ll be lightweight to lift.

You choose between sand and water to fill it up and give it stability, meaning you can travel around with it to wherever suits.

This isn’t the strongest bag if you’re looking to perform high impact hits, so while it’s good as a general training tool it’s not ideal for people with more experience who want to go full force.

The bag doesn’t seem to be able to take a severe beating like others, which is pretty standard for this style of punching bag, so assess whether it’s the right fit for your type of workout.

The freestanding boxing bag has a strong spring at the base of the shaft, giving it the reflex ability. You’ll be able to punch or kick with force and have it bounce back to position, so you can also work on your defense.

Equip yourself with a pair of gloves as it can cause some abrasions with consistent use, and you’ll be amazed at how far your MMA practice can come with regular training.

If you want the best punching bag for home that doesn’t need any setup and is ideal for beginners, we love the MaxxMMA Pro Reflex Punching Bag.

It’s a very affordable way to get your technique up. Amazon also offers free shipping, so you’ve got nothing to lose giving this punching bag a go in your home gym.

Best MMA Heavy Bag: MaxxMMA Heavy Bag

  • Size: 3’
  • Type: Heavy bag
  • Weight: 20 to 120lbs

When a heavy bag is more your style, there’s none better than the MaxxMMA Heavy Bag. This bag was made specifically for martial arts training and if you want just one item in your home gym to improve your skills, this is it.

The MaxxMMA Heavy Bag can be filled with either sand or air depending on your preference, and its weight can range from just 20lbs to a whopping 120lbs.

By far the best thing about this when it comes to MMA practice specifically, is how versatile it can be with the different workout modes. There are lots of options for how you can set it up and train with it, and the change can be made in mere seconds.

Whether you use it as a heavy bag for punching, lay it down for ground training, or practice uppercuts or general fitness, you’re getting a whole range of workouts with just one piece of equipment.

Another great thing about the MaxxMMA Heavy Bag is the strength of it, especially when compared to others in this same price range on the market. Heavy bags are best at improving the force of your strike, and this one will be able to take serious force.

You can kick and punch with all your might and use it every day in your practice, and you’ll never make a dent on it. For a home gym that gets a lot of attention, this is by far one of the best and sturdiest options out there.

On the negative side of things, some found the striking surface uncomfortable after regular use.

If you’re someone who likes to practice without gloves, you might need to cover it with a layer of something softer and with grip, otherwise, it can lead to abrasions after half an hour or so.

A leather construction would make this design a lot better, but it would add to the cost as well, so weigh up what’s more important to you when you make your decision.

The MaxxMMA Heavy Bag uses a rubber bladder inside to protect the air or water that it’s filled with from escaping. With the mixture of water and air, it feels more like human impact rather than a punching bag made of sand, which is a nice change of pace.

You’ll be able to build on striking, grappling, balance, and give your body an all-over workout, making it an essential addition to any home gym.

There’s no better way to practice MMA at home than with a heavy bag, and if that’s the style you’re after, we love this entry from MaxxMMA. Amazon has the bag listed for less than $120 currently, and that includes free shipping direct to your door. This is a great choice for home gyms who take their MMA practice seriously and need a bag that’s going to be versatile enough for all modes of training.

Best Punching Bag for Beginners: Century Wavemaster Punching Bag

  • Size: 47” – 68”
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Weight: 270lbs

No MMA gym bag review would be complete without something for the beginners, and if you’re brand new to this special combat sport and need the right bag to suit, we’ve found the Century Wavemaster Punching Bag.

This freestanding heavy bag is perfect for newcomers and experienced fighters alike, with an easy rollaway base that means you can put it anywhere you like when it’s not in use.

What makes this such a good bag for beginners is how versatile it is and how many ways you can set it up and use it.

You can choose to train anywhere with the Century Wavemaster, fill it with sand or water depending on the feel you want, and adjust the height to suit your physical needs.

This means it’s the perfect bag for starting your practice and one that will continue to serve you well when you learn it for the years to come as your skills progress.

In terms of ease of use, it’s a straightforward way to add a punching bag to your MMA home gym setup and especially good for people who feel lost at the thought of installing a heavy bag.

You choose what to fill it with and how much, and there’s no need for any special tools or knowledge to put it together. Better still, it has a rounded base that helps you move it so you can tip it over and roll it away if you’re short on space in your home gym.

There were some minor negatives worth noting though, with one being the price, especially compared to other freestanding options. For a beginner bag, it’s an expensive choice, but if you have plans on sticking with training it’s built tough to last for many years.

Additionally, filling the bag just with water won’t give the same effect, so make a plan to acquire a lot of sand from somewhere before you have it delivered and save yourself the pain.

The Century Wavemaster Punching Bag is a freestanding design, and it’s great for throwing kicks and punches, but also learned to duck when it comes back to you.

As a USA-made product from a reputable local brand, you’re guaranteed quality, and with 270lbs of weight when it’s filled to the top, you’ll be able to feel instantly just how strong it is.

The height adjusts from 47″ to 68″ but only in 3″ increments, so there may be some messing around until you get it exact.

If you’re a beginner in the world of MMA and want a punching bag that’s going to excel your skills with ease, the Century Wavemaster is a top choice. This bag will serve you well for years as your experience grows, and it’ll withstand the daily beatings you deliver.

It’s an expensive option, but the quality and feel of the bag alone make it worthwhile.

Best MMA Bag for Kids: RDX Kids Punching Bag

  • Size: 2’
  • Type: Heavy bag
  • Weight: 6oz

Mixed martial arts aren’t something that adults alone should get to enjoy, and if you have a kid showing interest in combat sports, you’ll want to keep that attention up.

A kid-friendly MMA bag like the RDX Kids Punching Bag can ensure they stay committed to the practice, and it’ll fit right in with your home gym, giving them somewhere they can always visit.

The punching bag is 6oz and includes gloves and a chain, so the two feet tall bag will become three feet in height once it’s hanging.

This MMA bag might be made for kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s flimsy. The best feature of this punching bag is the durable and smooth Maya Hide Leather finish that looks and feels like a professional bag you’d find in a gym.

Your kid will be able to spend hours on this striking surface without making a mark, and it’ll be guaranteed to last for years, no matter how many of your children want to practice on it.

Another great bonus when you choose this heavy bag from RDX is that it comes with a pair of boxing gloves. This addition costs almost the same as the bag as well so it’s a nice bonus, and gives your child even more options for how they want to train.

Having a complete set of quality gear that’s ready to go makes less hassle for you as well, and it’d be the ultimate gift for a kid showing interest in the sport.

However, some customers reported wanting some more size options as it seems this bag isn’t suitable for all kids. The length of the bag is two feet which is okay for most kids under 14 years of age, but if you want something smaller or larger, you’ll need to shop around.

For kids looking for more height, you could hoist it higher up on the ceiling, but this might require the purchase of extra hardware and a bit of know-how.

The RDX Zero Impact G-Core bag has two layers and no tear technology, so you know it’s built to last. The punching bag is filled with shredded textiles when it arrives and it weighs just 6oz, which makes it easy to transport and carry.

With a zip-top design, you can easily open and close it whenever you need to change the filling to sand or add some more material, and it comes with all of the chains and hooks you need for hanging it straight out of the box.

If your child has been showing an interest in MMA or you’re looking for a fun way to get them fit, the RDZ Kids Punching Bag is our favorite choice. With an included pair of quality gloves and an easy setup, it’s impossible to find a better deal for young ones interested in martial arts practice.  

MMA Punching Bags FAQ

Purchasing a punching bag for home MMA workouts is a big investment and one that needs to be considered carefully.

With so many options and preferences to choose from, having an understanding of what these bags are all about will help you narrow down what you need.

We’ve got the answers to some commonly asked questions about MMA bags to point you in the right direction towards your next purchase.

What To Look For In An MMA Punching Bag?


The most important feature to look for in an MMA punching bag is one that matches your height and weight.

As a general rule, a heavy bag should be half your weight, as this will help to keep it stable and provide you with a solid striking surface to work with. You might prefer a bag that allows for grappling practice as well as striking, and a heavy bag is ideal for this.

Why Use Heavy Bags?

While you can learn technique and precision with most kinds of boxing bags, a heavy bag is best for improving the power of your moves.

Due to the fact the bags are large, suspended in the air, and solid enough to withstand a lot of force, they’re ideal for MMA training where you need to improve the force of your strikes. A heavy bag can also be used on the ground for floor training, giving you more options for workouts.

How To Install MMA Bags?

Installing an MMA boxing bag can be easy or difficult, depending on the bag and how it was intended to be set up.

A bag will come with a set of instructions and the required hardware for installation, which could be as easy as filling it with sand or water, or as detailed as installing hooks into the floor or ceiling to suspend the bag.

Always follow the directions supplied in the manual of the bag you purchase to ensure a safe and secure installation.

Do Bags Come With A Stand?

Depending on the punching bag you purchase, it may or may not come with its own stand. A suspended punching bag stays that way and is connected to hooks in the floor and ceiling, otherwise, a freestanding bag usually comes with something included to help it stay up.

You can purchase specialized bag stands if you want a more specific setup in your home gym, but you must choose the right size.

Perfecting Your Punch at Home

When you’re ready to take your MMA practice to the next level, having some quality gear set up in a home gym is the way to do it.

With your own MMA gym to spend hours a day in, your skills will improve out of sight and your workout can be catered specifically what you want to focus on, so your practice will be all about you.

Working out daily with a bag is essential for anyone involved in martial arts as it perfects your precision and agility like no other training method.

A healthy mix of bag work, shadowboxing, and sparring is ideal training for an MMA fighter, but when you’re looking for something you can achieve at home, the bag is the ultimate choice.

The best investment for an MMA home gym is a punching bag and although there’s no martial arts specific bag that works best, you will need to determine what it is you want from this accessory.

Whether you like a reflex bag that’s simple to set up or a heavy bag that gives you more options for workout modes, you can trust our recommendations to help you achieve martial arts mastery.

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