Yoga For BJJ Honest Review – Is It Worth It?

Yoga For BJJ Review Summary

I’ve been practicing yoga to improve my BJJ training for over three years now. And it had a massive impact on my effectiveness on the mats. 

In short, Yoga for BJJ is a fantastic platform loaded with quality content, elite instructors, and a great design. However, It may not be the right fit for everyone.

I have thoroughly evaluated Yoga for BJJ, assessed the content, cost, and teaching styles, and created the most honest review you’ll find online. I tested this platform for a month to give you an accurate assessment.

I hope my experience can be helpful to you In deciding whether or not yoga for BJJ is the platform for you.

So let’s dive deep into a detailed review of Yoga for BJJ.

First Impressions

Yoga For BJJ is a unique platform designed for BJJ practitioners. The details on this website are impressive because they cover everything from beginners guides up to the advanced section. 

Sebastian thoroughly covers each body part with excellent detail from the start. 

The platform provides rehab videos for folks with injuries and offers multiple programs divided into different levels. So there is a bit of everything for everyone.

Yoga For BJJ Rehab Videos

Now, there is an endless offer of free yoga material available online. But it is challenging to find well-organized material that offers a complete series to work each body part.

You might find yourself doing the same videos over and over, which in the long run can hinder your progress. Yoga for BJJ is updated constantly, and they offer live classes too.

That was one of my favorite things about this platform. Everything is well organized and designed to keep you on the right track for further progression.

Who Is The Founder?

Sebastian Brosche created yoga for BJJ in 2013. He is a Swedish black belt and yoga studio owner. 

Sebastian received his black belt from Eduardo Rios and competed in the European jiu-jitsu circuit with an impressive championship record.

  • IBJJF World Champion (2010** purple)
  • IBJJF European Open Champion (2011 purple, 2010 blue)
  • UAEJJF World Pro Trials Champion (2011 purple)
  • IBJJF European Open Championship Runner-up (2015 brown)
  • IBJJF World Championship 3rd Place (2014/2013 brown)
  • IBJJF European Open Championship 3rd Place (2015* brown)
  • UAEJJF World Pro Championship 3rd Place (2013 brown) 

How Did It All Start?

Sebastian had been training for years in Judo and BJJ and eventually began to experience troubling back pain. He took a break from BJJ and explored yoga as a means to recover. Luckily for Sebastian, his wife was already into yoga.

This allowed Sebastian to dive deep into yoga and how to fix his back problems. 

When he resumed his training, he was surprised by the results. His back pain was gone, and that is where he thought about creating a platform for BJJ athletes.

As of 2022, Yoga for BJJ has an impressive library with content covering almost everything. They have a dedicated website and an app for their users. Multiple instructors teach you everything from beginner-level courses to rehab and advanced courses.

What Topics Does Yoga for BJJ cover?

Yoga for BJJ has everything covered. Content for newbies all the way up to advanced practitioners. 

There is a complete library that includes: 

  • rehab videos 
  • warm-ups
  • cooldown videos 
  • specific body parts
  • morning yoga 
  • mobility flows 
  • desk workers yoga
  • yoga for strikers and more
yoga for bjj course offer

So, the video offer and quality instruction are some of the strongest points for this platform. 

What’s Great About Yoga For BJJ?

The Instructors Are Top-notch

What I liked about the website was the quality of instruction—especially the head instructor Sebastian, a highly qualified individual who talks you through every move. 

The programs are straightforward to follow. Not only that, but Sebastian is quite funny throughout his instructions.

But that is not all. The depth of the videos is what impressed me the most. The poses are taught with great detail and knowledge, showing that the instructor knows what he is doing.

Clean And Simple Interface

From the website to the app, the website’s interface is minimal, simple, and fast. Moreover, you can download the content on your phone to quickly get your yoga flows done if you are traveling or in the middle of nowhere.

Many times, instructional platforms tend to be laggy or overwhelmed with controls. What sets Yoga for BJJ apart is their super quick controls. I had no problem toggling my way through the website.

Video Quality And Offer

The production quality is exceptional. There seem to be no lapses in the audio or video. And the instructions are easy to follow.

Many videos cover every body part, so I guess you will never get bored binging on the content.

Some live classes are recorded with a phone, so the video quality isn’t the best there. But that’s a small portion of the site. Also, live video production is very challenging. 

What’s Not So Great About Yoga for BJJ?

A Little Expensive For Some People

Yoga for BJJ is cheaper than your average yoga class. That being said, you will spend $119.99 per year on all the content. 

It may seem a little pricey if you do not have the budget. But I feel like the price is justified with the extension and quality of the library.

Static Angles In The Videos

Yoga for BJJ does not have any alternative angles or close-ups of the moves that they are showing. That is something that is missing from the website. 

It was OK for me when I tried because I had proper yoga instruction before. Therefore, I know where to place my hands or how to position my hips or what to do in specific poses. 

No One Payment For LifeTime Access Option

I am not a big fan of monthly subscriptions. However, I think yoga for BJJ offers lots of value and at somewhat reasonable prices. 

But it will be fantastic to have the option to buy all the content once and just keep it for life and come back to it whenever it is needed.  

Yoga For BJJ Course Offer Explained

Yoga For BJJ Courses

Let’s look at the programs that are included on the website. 

  • 4x Beginner Programs
  • 4x Intermediate-Advanced Programs
  • 7x Specialty Programs
  • 4x Yoga for Rocks Programs
  • 6x Specific Body Part Programs

Beginner Programs

Yoga for BJJ has four beginner programs, including two 10-day beginner programs. On average, each video is almost 10 minutes long. The average session is around 30-40 minutes if you look at the slightly advanced programs.

Yoga For Rocks

Quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? Yoga for rocks is for those stiff individuals who have never done yoga before. They are rigid and inflexible. The module features several videos taught by Adam, Sebastian, and Sarah for these people. 

These videos cover inflexibility, lack of joint mobility, minimal body awareness, lack of breathing control, and poor balance—something I found unique about this platform.

Body Part Specific Programs 

Everyone suffers from injuries. If you are an athlete, striker, wrestler, or a BJJ practitioner looking for body part-specific programs, then Yoga or BJJ has you covered. Sebastian has created modules covering your hips, shoulders, neck, core, back, spine, and hamstrings.

Each module has an average of 12 videos that will allow you to target your specific body part and heal it with yoga.


Special programs include a two-part breathing program, handstand tutorials, 40+ programs, flow classes, and more. They cover almost everything from pregnancy yoga, competition preparation, yoga for desk rats, and much more. 


It sucks not to be able to train Jiu-Jitsu. What sucks more is the cost of rehab and physiotherapy. But with the extensive rehab library, you can ease your way into recovery and recover from your injuries.

Rosi Sexton, a former UFC fighter, teaches you all about rehab. Rosi is a highly qualified instructor. A BJJ black belt and osteopath. 

Rosi teaches Achilles, MCL, LCL, ACL, ankles, knee, ground, and elbow rehab. The library covers every single body part.

Yoga For When You’re Exhausted

When you have finished a hard day’s work or completed a grueling BJJ session, come over to this section and unwind. Sebastian teaches you the moves to do when you are exhausted or taking a day off.

Meet the instructors

Sebastian Brosche

The head instructor is Sebastian Brosche. I have covered Sebastian and his achievements earlier in the review. But, you can find more about him here.

Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis is a black belt under Andy Roberts. Adam was British open Nogi and English open Nogi champion at the adult black belt in 2019. He was also the top-ranked UKBJJA adult black belt of 2019 and IBJJF British National Champion at purple and black belt.

Stine Brosche

Stine is a highly qualified yoga instructor and the reason why Sebastian dived into yoga. She is also his wife. Her sections are more technical and in-depth for those looking to advance their yoga progression.

Sarah Draht

Sarah is a Canadian black belt. She is not only a BJJ instructor but also teaches Muay Thai and Yoga. She compliments Sebastian’s programs. A very clear and thorough yogi.

Rosi Sexton

Rosemary Ann Sexton is a British MMA athlete, osteopath, and government official. She’s a former UFC competitor. Rosi is the primary instructor of the rehab section of the site. 

How Much Does Yoga For BJJ Cost?

Yoga for BJJ has three plans for you. The monthly will cost you $24,99. If you subscribe to the six months, it will cost you $74,99, and the annual program is $119,99.

Subscription periodCost (USD)Cost per month (USD)
Monthly$24,99 no free trial offered$24,99
6 months$74,99 with a 7-day free trial$12,50
Annual$119,99 with a 7-day free trial$9,99
*Prices February 2022

These prices might seem a little over the top, but once you view their library. The cost is reasonable in my opinion. 

They also offer a two-week trial period to access all the videos and see if you want to enroll. However, this is not available for the monthly subscription. 

But, you can check the first two lessons of the 10 in 10 Beginners Program for free and decide if their teaching style is for you.

There’s also the possibility to buy specific courses with a one-time payment of $59,99. So let’s say you got caught in a nasty wrist lock and couldn’t tap fast enough. Now you have a wrist injury. 

You could buy the wrist injury rehab program, and it will be a one-time purchase of $59,99 for lifetime access to that specific series.

Yoga For BJJ Vs. Other Online Yoga Programs

Compared to other platforms, yoga for BJJ seems to be the best one. Although, if you visit a yoga class will cost you around $20 per class in the US. Monthly memberships can range from anywhere between $100-$200.

Training programCost over 1 year*
Yoga for BJJ$119,99
Yoga for Grapplers DVD$55

Comparing Yoga for BJJ vs. Yoga for Grapplers

Yoga for Grapplers is a downloadable video of 2.5+ hours with warm-ups, stretches, mobility, and strength exercises. This platform is not updated, and the content is significantly lower here than on Yoga for BJJ.

Comparing Yoga for BJJ vs. Glo

Glo is another high-quality online yoga library with a massive video library. They are pretty similar to Yoga for BJJ. 

They have priced their monthly membership at $24 and their annual membership at $245. However, Glo is not offering anything specific for BJJ athletes like yoga to improve open guard.

Yoga For BJJ App 

Yoga for BJJ works well through a web browser and their app on both iOS and Android. You can link your device with the TV using Airplay or Chromecast and do the exercises in your preferred space.

User experience

My first impression of the app was refreshing. The app does a pretty good job of organizing the content. You can easily mark your favorites and store the content on your phone. Sebastian delivers his instructions. The video and audio quality are perfect, and the modules are easy to follow.


The interface is to the point and relatively simple to use. Videos can be accessed quickly and viewed offline. The app does not have any unnecessary features. Just log in, go to your module and start practicing. 


The app has multiple features for you. You can view the videos, bookmark them and continue where you left off from your previous session. There is a section for each category, and it offers the same features you would get on your browser.

Is Yoga For BJJ Worth It? – The Final Verdict

From a beginner’s point of view, Yoga for BJJ seems like the most convenient platform to begin your journey in yoga. You can find a large number of programs that will suit you. However, it’s not a substitute for attending yoga classes in real life.

Yoga is a complex skill to learn, and no video (even good ones like yoga for BJJ) can teach you all the intricacies of the practice. 

Once you master the basics, Yoga for BJJ could be a nice extra to expand your baseline knowledge and add some accountability to your practice.

To sum things up, if you’re a beginner who understands yoga’s fundamental movements, I think it can add lots of value to your practice. It will expose you to several flows and poses that might be unknown to you.

On the other hand, if you’ve been doing yoga for two years or more like me. It might not be as valuable because most of that stuff you probably saw before at your yoga studio. 

Also, you might already have daily yoga stretching as a habit.

But give it a try for a month or two. The price is quite reasonable, and you get access to endless top-notch yoga material. 

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