What Gear Do You Need For Boxing

Boxing is a great way to stay in shape while gaining some practical combative skills. But with the physical intensity of this sport, you need to make sure that you are well-prepared before you get started

As a part of your preparation, you will need some essential items like boxing gloves and hand wraps. We’ll cover what gear do you need for boxing and more so that you are ready to begin learning how to box. 

Essential Gear Do You Need for Boxing

There are many types of equipment that you could add to your boxing gear set. But the items that we have listed below are the essential pieces you will need to get started. After purchasing the following items, you will be ready for basic boxing training. 

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are one of the most recognizable pieces of boxing equipment. Whether sparring, hitting the heavy bag, or competing, you’ll nearly always be using gloves while you box. Gloves provide padding for your knuckles, which keeps you and your training partner safe. 

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Hand Wraps

Gloves are the first line of protection for your hands, but there is another piece of equipment that is just as important. Hand wraps help add stability to your wrist as you punch. This keeps the small bones of your hand and wrist in alignment and reduces the risk of a fracture. 

Comfortable Workout Clothes

Boxing is a strenuous activity and requires a lot of movement. To deal with both of those factors, make sure that you have a set of comfortable boxing trunks and a few gym t-shirts. MMA shorts might also work if you’re not dedicating all your training time to one discipline.

Boxing Shoes

Boxing shoes will help with support and traction as you box. Great boxing shoes should be durable, comfortable, and light. They also add support and help you avoid rolling an ankle when you pivot and twist for punching combinations or to create angles. 

What Equipment Do You Need for Boxing Sparring?

Sparring is one of the more rigorous aspects of boxing. As such, you will need a few key pieces of protective equipment to spar safely. 

Boxing Mouth Guard

The head is one of the main targets in boxing. That is why a mouth guard is so essential any time you want to spar. You’ll find that there are plenty of specialty boxing mouth guards. These items protect your teeth and mitigate some of the jarring impacts of a blow to the head. 

Groin Guard

Occasionally, your opponent may accidentally strike you below the belt. When that happens, you want to be prepared in advance. The best way to do that is to wear a groin guard as a part of your boxing attire.

Boxing Headgear

When sparring, it is a good idea to incorporate headgear. Boxing headgear helps you avoid cuts and can reduce the impact of punches you receive. Like a boxing glove, headgear acts as another protective layer during your sparring. 

Extra Gear You Might Want When Training Boxing

By now, you have enough equipment to complete some basic boxing training and sparring sessions. Now let’s look at some extra gear that will make your training that much more convenient further down the road. 

Jump Rope

While you won’t use a jump rope while you box, it is an essential part of a typical boxing training routine. Spending time with the rope increases your cardiovascular endurance and helps your stay light and rhythmic on your feet. 

Heavy Bag

Heavy bags are one of the most common pieces of boxing training equipment. The heavy bag is where a boxer can practice their combinations with full power without worrying about inflicting damage on an opponent. 

Boxing Punching Mitts

It takes two people to use punching mitts. One person wears the mitts while the other punches the mitts. Often, the mitt wearer will call out specific combinations for the puncher to follow. This practice helps with accuracy, hand speed and can involve head movement drills. 

Fitness Trackers

Old school boxers did not have the luxury of fitness trackers. But that does not mean that you can’t benefit from these neat pieces of fitness technology. A fitness tracker will help you dictate your exercise goals and help you quantify your progress. 

Gym Bag

With all of the equipment items on this list, you will also need a place to put them. The best way to transport your boxing equipment to and from the gym is with a gym bag. Look for a bag on the larger side to hold bulky items like your gloves and headgear. 

Water Bottle

Since you will be sweating a lot while you box, you also need a way to remain hydrated. Staying hydrated will help you recover from your training and help you maintain your health overall. Don’t forget to include a good water bottle in your boxing training equipment set. 


You won’t engage in boxing without feeling some wear and tear. Especially after you finish a hard training session, you need a way to relieve the soreness and pain you feel.

One of the best ways to do that is to use CBD oil. It comes in many different varieties, most of which can help you relax your muscles and reduce inflammation. 

Essential Boxing Gear Checklist

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Handwraps
  • Mouthguard
  • Boxing trunks/workout clothes
  • Water Bottle

Final Word On Boxing Gear

Boxing requires both mental fortitude and the proper gear. Treat the items in this post as the essential equipment that a beginner boxer would need. After getting those essentials, you can expand your boxing gear to induce some specialty items. Finally, If you’re undecided whether you prefer Boxing or Muay Thai some of the boxing gear might also work in y our Thai boxing sessions.

Boxing Gear FAQ

To help you understand the equipment you need for boxing, we have included answers to some of the most common boxing gear questions. 


To begin boxing, you need gloves and hand wraps at the very least. With those items alone, you can begin practicing beginner punches on a bag. 


Gloves, hand wraps, groin protection, and mouthguards are the standard safety equipment for boxing. Headgear is also a common form of protection. 


The best boxing gear is that which provides protection and remains comfortable to you. There are several leading brands, like Everlast, that produce great boxing gear for beginners. 


Boxers employ many different training tactics. They may hit the bag, mitts, or spar with a partner. They often train their conditioning as well, including activities like running and jumping rope.

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